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Kaspa is led by the people. The path forward is carved through open discussion, productive debate, and constructive planning by a widespread community of developers, researchers, enthusiasts, miners, speculators – the list goes on.

There is no company or foundation leading the charge – which is the way a truly decentralized network should operate.

Who are the Core Founders?

Kaspa was created by DAGLabs, through investment by Polychain Capital. DAGLabs – co-founded by Yonatan Sompolinsky – was a research & development company focusing on scalable DAG-based protocols, and was dissolved shortly after the Kaspa launch. Despite funding from Polychain Capital, Kaspa launched with zero allocations or premine, with the key vision of being a decentralized, pure, and open initiative.

The contributors outlined below are ex-DAGLabs developers & researchers that actively contribute to the advancement & maintenance of Kaspa & its codebase.

Yonatan Sompolinsky


Postdoctoral in Computer Science at Harvard University, on the MEV Research Team

Michael Sutton

Core Developer

Computer Science Masters from The Hebrew University, Distributed Systems Researcher & Developer

Shai Wyborski

Quantum & Cryptography Researcher

PhD Candidate Researching Classical & Quantum Cryptography

Elichai Turkel

Core Developer

Applied Cryptographer and High-Performance Systems Developer

Ori Newman

Core Developer

Cryptocurrency and Distributed Systems Developer

Mike Zak

Core Developer

Cryptocurrency and Distributed Systems Developer

There are countless volunteers that contribute to the Kaspa ecosystem. Please visit our main website for a thorough compendium of community contributors.