Hello - You're Early

Kaspa is at its infancy. There are no smart contracts, layer-two protocols, tokenization systems – yet. Kaspa’s Rust language re-write  – which concludes in Q4 2022 – will lay the groundwork for these advanced functionalities.

There are numerous utilities & applications that exist for users currently, ranging from various wallet solutions, to tools for network metrics and more.

Block Explorer

Kaspa Explorer is a fully-fledged utility for accurate network metrics, ranging from supply data & mining info, to market data & a live feed of blocks & transactions.

Kaspa Graph Inspector

KGI is an advanced blockDAG visualizer that presents a live, continuously-updating feed of mined blocks & their connectivity.


KasBoard is a monitoring toolset that provides in-depth network analytics & live data. Built using Grafana, an open-source interactive visualization web application.

Kaspa Wallets



An intuitive desktop wallet with Kaspa full-node software. Effortless installation & zero configuration.



A web-based wallet, for expediency & convenience.


CLI Daemon

Kaspa full-node daemon with a command-line interface.

Kaspa Mobile


Q4 2022

Currently being built. Kaspa mobile application with wallet functionality, for Android devices.