Block Rewards

Every Second

Kaspa is the highest throughput proof-of-work cryptocurrency, propagating at a rate of one block per second – which means miners receive rewards every second. With high throughput comes low variance, which enables even the smallest Kaspa miners to participate and find blocks frequently.



Kaspa utilizes the custom-built kHeavyhash mining algorithm. The kHeavyhash process is a matrix multiplication, sandwiched between two standard Keccak hashes (often referred to as SHA-3). This particular algorithm is computationally intensive – which enables Kaspa to be dual-mined alongside cryptocurrencies that utilize memory-intensive mining algorithms.

Kaspa’s kHeavyhash is extensively supported by experienced & industry-leading kernel developers, and is integrated in numerous mining software solutions as standalone & dual-minable.

No Orphan Blocks

Kaspa’s blockDAG indexes all mined blocks within the DAG structure. This revolutionary feature is an added security facet, and there is no “wasted work” from miners.

Chromatic Halvings

Kaspa’s emission schedule undergoes a Chromatic Halving Schedule – meaning that rewards smoothly decrease every month in a quantitative manner that results in a 50% emission reduction per annum.

Built for

Photonic Computing

Kaspa is ready for the next generation of computing devices – silicon photonics. The kHeavyhash mining algorithm enables Kaspa to be compatible with early photonic-based mining devices. Mining using photonics – known as Optical Proof-of-Work (OPOW) – will shift the mining industry from operational costs to capital expenditures, as electricity usage drops substantially when using light as a medium of data transfer, rather than electrons.

Early photonic miners are under development by POWX, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing proof-of-work cryptography compatible with ultra-energy efficient optical computing. In addition, AMD, Nvidia, Intel, & numerous startups are venturing into the field of photonic computing as the next step forward in the semiconductor industry.

Start Mining Today

Kaspa is currently GPU-minable, meaning anyone can participate without any specialized devices. AMD & Nvidia video cards are supported across various mining platforms, alongside single & dual-mining implementations.

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Mining Software

AMD & Nvidia Supported

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AMD & Nvidia Supported

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AMD Supported

Single & Dual-Mining

AMD & Nvidia Supported

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